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Klöntal book

Available in English and German- 224 pages.
The illustrated book Klöntal Traumperspektiven - Magie der Schweizer Landschaft offers a selection of incomparable photographs of the fascinating Swiss landscape from the Klöntal. The bilingual illustrated book is accompanied by fascinating historical and geological information on the respective locations. This book makes you want to discover your own, nearby surroundings and makes distant destinations seem insignificant. The book is based on the idea of André van Sprundel and is privately financed.

His aim is to bring the beauty and magic of his homeland closer to others with sensational, large-format photographs. The book contains markings for the future Klöntal Dream Trail. This makes it possible to rediscover and explore the photographs in the book in real life. The illustrated book is aimed at nature and culture lovers as well as photography enthusiasts. Give your friends or yourself a piece of magic from the Klöntal!

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The Klöntal

The Klöntal was and is one of the most popular resorts in the Glarus region with a special attraction for artists. Already in the 17th century, writers and painters moved to the lovely valley and described and painted the Klöntalersee in all its dazzling facets and reflections.

At the end of the lake there were spa and bath houses, to which well-heeled gentlemen were chauffeured by horse and carriage.

In the book «Traumperspektiven — Magie der Schweizer Landschaft» you can learn, among other things, that there was once an iron mine, charcoal kilns and a glassworks here. And there was even a lively ice production from the lake, which was frozen in winter!

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